Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I am damn bored...
my holiday has juz begun ..but i dont know why ?
why ? why ? why ? i am bored..bored..bored
2 months to go ..i wonder how will it goes..
hope the almighty have something great plan for me for this holiday =)
i am bored to death at the moment...help me !!!

every begining will come to its end

Phew...believe it or not, three years has past by and those three years is where i spent on doing my diploma...it is amazingly how fast time goes by...i kept on looking back but it's not worth it..it is now become a memory that is carve in my life..
Instead i gotta focus on the future..to all my frenz out there..thanx for being with me along the way..directly or indirectly..to my enemies if i have any ..i am so so sorry for whatever reason..
hmm..im kinda speechless at the moment since it's 2 in the morning...anyways
juz hope all the memories we shared together wont fade forever...
after this it is a new begining for all of us..most will continue for our degree..some i heard are going into the working world ..and some juz wanna have a break from study for a while..whatever it is ...GOOD LUCK and have fun doing it !!!
i'll continue next time


Tuesday, February 5, 2008

apa nak jadi la...

lama dah x post cam biasa arr...kemalasan utk post meningkat bile xde net yg laju juga ketiadaan cam disisi ...
sedih jer... =(

now in sem 6 which is the final sem for my diploma.
life mcm holiday je. xde keje, kelas 2 kali je seminggu. x masuk cuti ke batal ke or tertido ke. omg omg omg. tah la kebosanan juga camni. dok bilik je keje . mkn baru kuar kot .
for our final sem ni we are given the task for this one suject which is to do carry out a research based on any field related to masscomm la kan. my group dah approach the b'fast show, we finally got it but then our penasihat suddenly kata xmo tv show anymore =O
WTF man ...siot la kan ..pastu suruh bwat radio...suggestion dier is to do on a tamil radio ..coz x byk pun x m'sia ni..ada dua je kot.
at first cam nak ikot...yela dier ni kononnye la kan kalo ikut ckp nnt dpt la markah elok.tp like WTH tah pape je...i told my dad about this but then. my dad kata y lar jd camni..isk isk ..he is saying that we are like being used if we're doing the reseach.
since paham2 jela kan.
the feeling on bila nak kena bwat radio tamil tu ..fuhh...mcm kena kawen paksa tu
kita xmo tp mcm terpaksa je....
but now back to square one..kena cari radio station lain la utk bwat research on.
i'm trying to get my fav radio station XFresh la mane lg..n my fren is trying for Suria FM since his bro like got connection over there..
hope everything is going to be OK la after this.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Botak-botak !!!

It's a hot hot monday...
woke up early in the morning..haven't get my gudnite sleep ..but i slept la..juz not a solid sleep.. =S
this happens when im in semester break.
Had my breakfast, then send my mom to her office. It's in PJ, menara PKNS. but now she's no longer there. just got promoted n transfered to Wisma Bernama. yea for my mom. but sadly the office is much further than the current one.
after sending my mom.
Got home, buzz fify coz the day b4 al ready promised him that today we are going to Nilai. To check out my new home. Soon to be la, not planning to move yet.
I gotta go there coz had to pick up the bills since the water and electric bills are running.
Pick-up Fify at his home then went and pick-up Amir. Amir was clueless where we were heading to. Because i told Fify not to tell him about where we are going. The road to my new home is kinda far away la...around 30 mins or so can reach there.
Amir really didn't have any clue on where we were heading. We told him that we are going to PD to have a dip. =P
sorry bro abt messin with ya that day.
We arrive to the housing area. Got inside and check the whole house to make sure that everything is alright. Seems kinda dusty.
Tour around and show my fellow friends on the house. Then i took the bill and we moved out back to Subang.
It was lunch time, we were damn hungry since the journey kinda far and it was a really hot day. Amir slept along the way back to subang. Back in subang, and we went to our fav place !!!
where else, the Summit USJ la. we gave a quote for the summit "Segalanya ada di Summit". For us it is a perfect mall, to dine, to play, to shop, buy pirate CD =P, all also got. So don't have to go far. The downside is only that it doesn't look as good as OU or Mid Valley la. But good enough for us.
Had our lunch at Mc Donalds, than later as usual for us. To stop by the arcade and have few rounds playing daytona and other arcade game.
Fify and me already had promise to had our hair cut that day. I was unsure yet, to cut spikey like i normally do or perhaps just shave it off. We went out of summit, then head to the barber shop. Then Fify already know that he wants to do Botak. As for me, i was unsure yet. and yes he did convince me to do Botak.
Haha...sat in the chair and told the barber. BOTAK please =P
Amir took photos of us having our hair shave of our head. While i was having my hair shave. I ask amir, don't you want to join us ?
I mean being botak la. baru la geng like this. he was like unsure and felt the preassure =P
He said no money that time.(just a reason to escape). So i said i loan you the money. and I double dared him to do botak with us =D
What can I say, I was able to convince him to go BOTAK with me n Fify.
We laugh at each other in the barber shop. haih...
sakit perut wei...me being the most funny looking. Fify is already used to being BOTAK already. Amir actually looks kinda good botak also .
After have our hair shave, went back to Amirs place and hang out for a while. While waiting for my mom to pick me up. Fify played the semi-acoustics guitar amir have at his home. while i tried the Need For Speed Pro Street. since i could not play it at my laptop due it doesn't support la.
My mom called I wen't and pick her up. When she got into the car. I can see clearly that she was trying not to laugh at me =P
then she ask, why the sudden move on going BOTAK. Hehe..peace !!!
Got home, and took my bath, later I sat infront of my laptop uploading th pics amir took today. Okie..than my dad got home..
I went down to great him and salam him. He was as predicted shocked. Kinda marah a bit la.
He said...why la you BOTAK your head. Not nice la, aiyo...better of with your hair. Dah la montel then BOTAK lg =P
Huhu...can't believe my father actually care about my hair also. hihi...now i know that he likes me being so concern about my looks n stuff.
That was my day ..
Here are the pic for the day :-

looking out if the window from my future bedroom =D

A shot of my home to be by Mr Amir

Me moments away before BOTAK

Fify moments before BOTAK (boleh msg2 lg)

Amir striking a pose for the camera before the journey to become BOTAK

My journey to being BOTAK

Fify Journey to become BOTAK

Amirs journey to become BOTAK (this pic buat amir nampak mcm botak tgh =P)

Fify BOTAK !!

Amir BOTAK !!

Finally me BOTAK !!

The BOTAK geng

striking a pose

BOTAK being ganas =P

Monday, December 3, 2007

Day out with Xfresher !!!

It's 1st of December and today i was out to mid valley with my machaa Mr Amir.
We went for a gathering with Xfresher for a bowling day out.
My fav radio station Xfresh la. This is my first time joining them, newbie lg dgn geng xfresher. but they are all friendly n ceria la.
The event supposingly everyoe should gather around 1 o'clock . I was in a rush since that morning Pak Long came to my house . Bringing his new son in law to our home.
So i was in a rush la to move that time....went and pickup Mr Amir.
Speed up along the NPE highway. phew...lucky us there wasnt much traffic at sunway .
We reach at Mid Valley in the nick of time. I think this is like my 3rd or 4th time to Mid Valley this year. Not really my fav place to go on weekends. Since it is crowded like hell there. Parking also not that easy to get.
Haih..okay back to the Xfresher day out story.
got there. and sign up at counter ..where bro kimie was taking attendance of the ppl and also collecting $
I gotta meet up with all the ppl that i only knew their nickname b4 this. Now i already know them in person =)
they were friendly la.. we all later gotta draw to know in which group that we are in.
i was with kak leen ..amir was with bro kidrow n iqram.
1st there was the kek cutting caremony for the xfresher who's celebrating b'day in December..
Then the game starts after that.
OMG ....my 1st game suck badly...bola asyik pegi kiri lane je..
wasnt adapt to the lane yet...also i had to use 13lb n 14lb ball. The 12lb no more la.
So many people using it.
1st game i got 91 points. Kinda sad la. My side of lane . it was kinda quiet la. compare to amir side. got DJ adi n others. Kecoh abis la they all.
okie..next to my lane was Dj Rizal =D
he braught along his son Danish if i'm not mistaken
Dj Rizal terer juga. After he got the 11lb ball he was on fire.
So my final score for the 3 game was
1st game :- 91pts
2nd game:-129pts
3rd game:-160pts
end of the game was the prize giving ceremony and also ..later we had pic taking
and also mkn ..some of them rush home. =P

on myway to the bowling alley

yea!!! dah sampai !!!

kaunter pendaftaran

with iqramramli


from left:-kak sally,kak leen, en macho n me !! =D

cenderahati utk event ni

b'day cake xfresher yg b'day bln december

amir in action ...1st game he kalahkan me =( but total i win him =D

wah ...lane glow in the dark ;)

with dj-Rizal XF =D

eh nape ngan adi ni...melebarkan sayap ke? =P

adi gelak sampai kecut perut

From left:- amir, danish, Dj Rizal XF, DJ adi XF and Me !!

Adi tgk perut pulak..aduh..ckp diriku adik beyoncit =D

amir with silly faces =P

our champion for the day bro azreen

geng Xfresher =)

nyebok dlm pic gurls neh ..

faizomk n me

Thursday, November 29, 2007

A weekend wedding!!

last weekend was the wedding of kak ida...which is my pak long youngest daughter...
phew...it was a very hot weekend...the cloud was there but still the heat was so intense my mom n my lil bro got sun burn from that very event..
ok let me tell the flow of the program about what happen and so on...

started at
Friday 4:30 pm - the akad nikah was held...during this time..after Asar la...
i was not there that time ...Damn!! i was in another world(crap)...i was asleep ..so tired,even while driving to Melaka i was sleepy already but manage to make it there..slept the whole afternoon at Pak Om place...i woke up it was already Maghrib time ..the sound of little cousins playing Playstation woke me up...
at that time i was like what time izzit?<----blur la that time got to know about the time than i was like Damn!!! Damn !!! Damn!!! why no one wake me up la... i wanted to take photo for the nikah time but asleep already ...Shit... as what people say..u cant turn back time..i really felt it that night... so prepare for the inai kecil ceremony ...where the tepung tawar among family members was done...it was basically to tell people (relatives) who your partner is.. inai kecil is part of Melaka tradition i think...where guys wear clothes like this .... as the night goes on people were busy busy ...as for me ..i had join my cousin for a quest to put the direction signage for the event.... this time i think it was kinda very simple la the sign...

putting the sign up. those are my drawings =P

the next day (the day of our side of family) morning ... i woke up for subuh then went back to sleep...supposingly i wanted to help the others to clean the chicken ...since i was so tired because of the previous day i actually didn't sleep for 24 hours or so ... woke up around 10am....had my breakfast and run of to the event... people were expected to come at 11am...it was a REALLY REALLY HOT DAY !!!

me and arifah.baby sister of amirah... =D

i went and snap a few photos ...then i join my lil bro at the water station .. =P where the drinks are made for the event ...it was the mix or sirap and also sunquick... ice cold water on a hot day =P~

lembaga air majlis perkahwinan =D

lalala...berarak time.....

the newlyweds... =D

before they go in ...alamak!! got toll la... my aunt la become penjaga Toll... later they got into the house and sat on the pelamin ..

toll situation =P

uncle mane tah kareoke ni..syok sendiri abis

again the tepung tawar this event is call the inai besar...where now they are actually telling the whole village and people who came ....a wedding ceremony is basically just to tell others about the couple are officially married...dun kacau them anymore!!! haha... end of the event...we in my moms side...had this thing where after a wedding during the cleaning time...we will play arang and water... splashing over each other water(not specified..any water will do :P) and take the carbon or charcoal...under the 'periuk' that all the food is cook ... muahaha....let the game begins... it is fun ...but gotta save all the phones and wallets first before playing ...

to the extreme....muahahaa....

siram siram !!!!

hahaha.... =P

after all that fun go back and took a shower... that night me n some of my cousins went for bowling !!! Yup bowling....everything is sponsored by uncles and aunties =P thanx !!! we played at Mahkota Parade...i hate that place...the lane looks and feel kinda old already...screen also not working..house ball also holes so small.. whatever la...just play...

me in action .ish sebok je tukang amik gambar ni =P

kids lane... =D

lalala...play2 play ...then we go and eat at my uncles restaurant which is RSM (Restoran Seri Melaka) had a late dinner then went back and sleep...

The next day Sunday!!!
early morning wake up for subuh ..then continue sleep =P ahaha...damn tired la wei..sleep la kan? around 10am woke up ..and get ready...coz today is the guys side of having kenduri had breakfast...then get ready for the berarak again ....

berarak time!!!!

little arifah potrait shot.. =D

got to the guys side and again tepung tawar ....then picture taking time....then MAKAN time!!! haha...during eating...my uncle gave the name of my little cousins to sing a song ...haha kesian diorang...gotta sing pencinta wanita :x

aku memang pencinta wanita ~~ =P

then we all go back later ....back at pak om place..getting ready to go home... our car naza is in the workshop got some prob so now service....for now were using pak om toyota estima to get home....estima is a big car and also the fuel consumption is kinda low la for an MPV ...but then when comparing to our Naza Ria ..we as a family agreed that Naza wins in a lot of way... Estima Pros-big size MPV and looks luxury, save fuel due to low RPM, spacious interior Cons-no pickup (seriously sucks, gotta on the overdrive then can feel), boot space kinda small for a big car, drive slow also feels like going fast Naza Ria Pros-comfortable,big boot space,pickup OMG damn nice...,can drive fast and still stable,driving this car is nice Cons-fuel sucker since it is 2.5 V6 engine,high maintanance this conclude my story about my weekend ...and another wedding =P

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

It's been a while

It has been a while now since my blog is updated..my reasons are..no proper internet connectivity at my college and also i have been bz all semester..
i can say that this semester feelings n pressure is the same as when i was in sem 3..
phew...im glad that it is finally over..hope that i will pass all of the subject...
not putting my hope that high for great results since i was playin to much this sem ..with frenz group problems and stuff...
so this is a new start hope u guys who are reading this will keep on supporting me ..
peace out